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Ways to Overcome (And Prevent) Ankle Sprains

When it comes to keeping your ankles spry and fresh, you need to maintain them with proper care and plenty of attention. After all, an injured ankle can be a dire proposition for the rest of your body, since your ankles are at your base and an injury to them can force the rest of your body to compensate when you walk. Having a strong foundation characterized by strong ankles is, Ankle Paintherefore, paramount to your overall health.

But what if you've suffered an unforeseen sports injury or accident that's left your ankles brittle and weak? At the Foot & Ankle Institute, you'll find the expert care you need to overcome any and every ankle sprain that comes your way, as the expert podiatrists on site make it their mission to soothe your troubled ankles and fix them right up! Leading the way of helpful foot specialists is Dr. Asia E. Lo, Dr. Samuel Mendicino and Dr. Manish Patel who have more than five decades of combined experience in private practice.

Check out a few of our most suggested methods for overcoming - and preventing - ankle sprains below:

When You Have An Ankle Sprain...

  • Apply ice on the affected area for 10-15 minutes intervals to reduce swelling
  • Elevate your feet above your head (this also reduces swelling)
  • Stay off of the ankle as much as you can, so it will heal faster

When You Don't Want To Get An Ankle Sprain...

  • Wear shoes that fit properly - and make sure they're tied tight (but not too tight, as this can cut off circulation in your ankles)
  • Use orthotics that are custom-made for your footwear, especially if you have a history of spraining your ankles
  • Wear high-top shoes, which give your ankles greater support than low-tops

For more information on avoiding and overcoming ankle sprains, give Drs. Lo, Mendicino or Patel a call today at (281) 531-4100 or schedule online at www.txfai.com for full ankle relief right here in West Houston.

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