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By Foot & Ankle Institute
March 15, 2017
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Find out if it’s time to talk us about whether foot surgery is right for you.foot surgery

It’s always ideal to avoid surgery whenever possible. I think we can all agree on that. However, there are certain foot and ankle problems that may actually benefit greatly from surgery over other more conservative methods. From the office of our West Houston, TX, podiatrists - Dr. Samuel Mendicino, Dr. Asia Lo and Dr. Manish Patel - find out more about when to consider foot and ankle surgery.

Why foot surgery?

While our goal as your West Houston foot doctor is to make sure that we are able to treat and/or manage your foot and ankle conditions through more conservative and non-invasive treatments; unfortunately, this isn’t always an option.

If we’ve been working with you to provide a wide variety of non-surgical interventions but they just aren’t managing your symptoms, then it’s time for us to step in with more drastic measures. Surgery, in some cases, may be the only way to eliminate severe pain or improve how your foot functions.

What are some conditions that may require surgery?

Tendon Injuries

Whether you are dealing with structural abnormalities or a sports-related injury, there are many reasons why a tendon may need surgery. Perhaps you ruptured the tendon on the playing field or you were born with a shortened Achilles tendon, which is causing chronic and severe pain. In these cases, tendon surgery may be recommended.


While some people can find relief through medications and other arthritis therapies, surgery may be recommended to fuse together one or more joints so improve how your foot functions. In some cases, pins or plates are also put into the foot to help support and strengthen weakened feet.


Bunions can often be managed through simple at-home care and by wearing proper footwear. Of course, if your deformity is so severe that it is causing persistent pain and making it difficult to walk around or go about your day then it’s time to talk to us about surgery. Surgery is the only way to actually repair a bunion.

If you have questions about foot surgery or want to talk to our podiatrist about whether it might be the next step in your treatment, call Foot & Ankle Institute of West Houston, TX, to schedule a consultation with us.