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By Foot & Ankle Institute
January 26, 2017
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A fractured foot requires immediate medical attention so don’t let it go ignored.

You are in the heat of the game. You see the football being thrown in your direction. It looks like there is no one around. You catch the stress fractureball just in time to start running, but before you know it you are being tackled. You slam into the ground and the next thing you know you are trying desperately to put weight on your foot but the pain is too unbearable. You could be dealing with a stress fracture. Our West Houston podiatrists, Dr. Samuel Mendicino, Dr. Asia Lo and Dr. Manish Patel, offer up some common signs of a fractured foot and what to do about it.

What is a stress fracture?

This refers to a small crack in one of the bones of the foot. Since this condition is often the result of overuse or repetitive movements, it is most often seen in athletes. The bones of the foot and lower leg, which take on the majority of the weight when you move, are particularly prone to stress fractures during certain physical activities. While a stress fracture can occur in any bone in the foot or ankle it most often happens to the second or third metatarsals, the long bones in the foot, since this region often takes the greatest impact when walking or running.

What is a toe or forefoot fracture?

These types of fractures are relatively common and are typically the result of a traumatic injury or blow to the foot. Just like stress fractures, this is commonly seen in athletes.

What are the symptoms of an ankle or foot fracture?

The most common symptom you will experience is pain in the foot or ankle. If you have a stress fracture you may not notice pain right away, as it might gradually show up over time and get worse with certain high-impact activities. Other symptoms include,

  • Bruising near the fracture
  • Pain that goes away when resting
  • Pain that is aggravated by movement or daily activities
  • Swelling of the foot or ankle
  • Pain or difficulty bearing weight (often the case with toe or forefoot fractures)

It’s important that you see one of our West Houston foot and ankle doctors right away if you are experiencing symptoms of a stress fracture. Since there are many other conditions that can cause these symptoms it’s important that we diagnose the problem so that we can create a treatment plan that gets you back into the action as soon as possible.

If you are worried that you may be dealing with a fractured ankle or foot then it’s time you called Foot & Ankle Institute in West Houston, TX today, at (281) 531-4100. The sooner you seek treatment the better.