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September 21, 2015
Category: Podiatry Services

Find out what foot problems could be lurking in those who wear high heels.

If it seems second nature to you to pull out those high heels the next time you go to grab them you may want to think about. While High Heelsattractive, high heels can cause some pretty nasty issues for your feet. Even if you don’t notice any problems yet that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t still happen to you. Find out why wearing high heels regularly could send you straight to our West Houston, TX podiatrists Dr. Samuel Mendicino, Dr. Asia Lo and Dr. Manish Patel.

What’s so wrong with high heels?

When you wear high heels you are forcefully bending toes into unnatural positions. This can cause issues such as nerve damage, ingrown toenails, bunions and even leg tendon problems. If you wear high heels often then you are even more at risk for developing these health problems down the road.

What is happening to my feet when I wear high heels?

When you wear shoes with a heel that’s over two inches your foot slides forward into the shoe, which causes your feet and toes to take on an abnormal and uncomfortable shape. It also redistributes weight so that your toes are taking on more weight than they should, which in turn causes your body to shift forward to try and compensate. As a result, you arch your back and create a new position that puts unnecessary strain on your lower back, hips and knees. This poor body position then affects the position of the spine, which can nerve entrapment, numbness, and pain.

As if this wasn’t enough, wearing high heels over the years can even shorten back and calve muscles (e.g. Achilles tendon), which can cause muscle spasms and pain. Continuing to stretch these muscles day in and day out with high heels can lead to a painful inflammatory condition known as plantar fasciitis.

So, do I have to give up heels altogether?

While your West Houston podiatrists may not recommend wearing high heels often you don’t have to avoid them altogether. There are sensible ways to get the look you want without towering shoes. Here are some ways to protect your feet while still being stylish:

  • Wear soft soles (this will reduce the amount of impact on your knees)
  • Choose shoes with heels that are one and a half inches or less
  • Choose heels with a roomy toe box, so toes aren’t cramped
  • Wear your heels on days when you won’t be walking much
  • Stretch your calf muscles and feet every day

If you notice any alarming changes to your feet it’s never too early to see your foot doctors in West Houston for a proper diagnosis. It’s always important to play it safe and get foot problems checked out before they become serious. Call Foot & Ankle Institute today!