What Ankle Pain Could Mean For You
By Foot & Ankle Institute
October 07, 2016
Category: Podiatry Services
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Ankle pain is unmistakable; it makes walking difficult and other activities nearly impossible. Unless you can pinpoint a time you injured ankle painyour ankle, the cause of the pain may not be clear. Since ankle pain can be associated with a variety of conditions, it's important that you visit The Foot & Ankle Institute of West Houston, TX to receive a diagnosis from one of our trained podiatrists: Dr. Samuel Mendicino, Dr. Asia Lo or Dr. Manish Patel. They've offered some information about the common causes and treatments of ankle pain here.

Achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is a common reason for ankle pain; patients who overdo exercising, especially those starting new routines, are at risk for this condition. Women who wear high-heeled shoes often experience a myriad of foot problems, including Achilles tendinitis. This condition happens when the Achilles tendon, the largest in the body, is strained beyond its normal abilities. Patients who see their West Houston podiatrist for Achilles tendinitis often complain of pain and tenderness at the back of the heel, especially upon waking in the morning.

Other causes

Sprains, fractures, and strains are also responsible for ankle pain, especially for athletes who perform a lot of quick stops or jumps as part of their support. Other causes of ankle pain include inflammatory arthritis, obesity or gout. Your podiatrist will be able to determine the cause of your ankle pain through a thorough examination of your feet and ankles and a discussion about your health history.


Many times, ankle pain can be treated effectively by mild analgesics (pain medication), rest and elevation. Other ankle injuries may respond well to physical therapy exercises that can be done at home. More severe causes of ankle pain, such as sprains or fractures, may require immobilization or surgery to alleviate the problem.

Don't allow ankle pain to frustrate you any longer. Contact The Foot & Ankle Institute of West Houston, TX to schedule an appointment with our podiatry staff. We're here to help you!