The Different Foot and Ankle Surgeries Available

The Different Foot and Ankle Surgeries Available

You might not think about it much, but just for a second consider how often you’re on your feet, whether you’re just waiting for the bus or you’reX-Ray enjoying a lovely walk through the park on your day off. We often don’t think about the abuse our feet take on a daily basis, and if there isn’t a problem, then it’s not surprising that we don’t think about this; however, it often feels like everything stops the moment we experience foot or ankle problems. It’s now harder to stand and wait for the bus and your once enjoyable jaunts through the park have now been cancelled. If you’ve been suffering for a while, it’s time to put a stop to it once and for all. From fractures and arthritis to bunions and flatfeet, your West Houston podiatrist offers an array of services to fit your surgical needs. Here are a few of the surgical procedures we perform:

Bunion Surgery

If your bunion pain is so severe that you have trouble even walking normally, then it’s time to consider surgery. While there are multiple types of bunion surgeries, we will choose the proper treatment based on your bone deformity. Also, this surgery is considered an outpatient procedure; however, it is best to take the whole day off. You will also need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery. While there is no guarantee that a bunion won’t recur, a bunionectomy can be the best way to alleviate severe pain.

Achilles Surgery

If you’ve torn your Achilles tendon, then you certainly are no stranger to pain. In this case, Achilles surgery in West Houston is a must. The procedure involves sewing the tendon back together, and it can be done using only a local anesthetic. Following surgery, you will either wear a cast or walking book for about six to 12 weeks to allow the tendon to heal. We may also give you certain exercises to help shorten your rehab time.

Cyst Removal

While we might not be able to pinpoint why a ganglion cyst has developed on your foot or ankle, if it’s becoming a nuisance and you’re finding that there is alack of mobility in your joints, then it’s time to remove the cyst once and for all. This procedure is simple and only requires the removal of the cyst and the stalk that attaches to either the joint or tendon. After surgery, most patients can get away with wearing only a splint or cast for a few weeks.

Ankle Surgery

If an injury, birth defect or deformity is the cause of your ankle problems, then ankle surgery in West Houston will fix you right up. Especially if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis or a neuromuscular disorder, you might find that ankle deformities are more common than you think. During surgery we focus on realigning your ankle’s structure, helping to restore function and alleviate discomfort. Just like bunion surgery, you will want someone to pick you up after your procedure and also be there for you for the first day after your treatment. It’s ok to let someone pamper you for a little while. You deserve it!

If you need foot or ankle surgery in West Houston, don’t put it off any longer. Don’t you want to get back to enjoying your daily routine without being concerned that you’ll be disrupted by pain? You can live pain free again. To schedule your surgery consultation, call us at (281) 531-4100.