Is Foot and Ankle Surgery Right For Me?
By Foot & Ankle Institute
December 23, 2015
Category: Podiatry Services

Wondering if surgery is the best solution to your foot or ankle problem? Luckily, today's innovative surgical techniques offer improved outcomes with less down time and pain. West Houston Podiatrists Dr. Asia Lo, Dr. Samuel Mendicino and Dr. Manish Patel share a few questions that you should ask your doctor before you make a decision.Surgery

Why do I need the surgery?

Before you agree to any type of procedure, it's important to understand why you need surgery. Ask your doctor to explain how the procedure will help your condition. For example, if you have Achilles Tendinitis that hasn't responded to more conservative treatment methods, surgery may help reduce pain and improve function.

Are there other options?

Surgery isn't the only solution to every foot and ankle problem. Sometimes, it may be worth it to try other types of treatments first. Ask your foot doctor to explain all of the available treatment options and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each type.

What happens if I don't have surgery?

It's important to understand what will happen if you don't have surgery or choose to delay surgery. When you have a foot or ankle condition, failing to undergo surgery may affect your mobility. Understanding all of the consequences will help you make your decision.

What is the recovery period like?

With today's surgical techniques, you may be surprised at just how uncomplicated recovery from surgery can be. Ask your doctor to explain how long it will take until you'll be back on your feet, what type of care you'll need after surgery, the level of pain you can expect, and what kind of medication you may need to manage pain.

Interested in learning about treatment options, including surgery, for your foot or ankle problem? Call West Houston Podiatrists Dr. Asia Lo, Dr. Samuel Mendicino and Dr. Manish Patel at (281) 531-4100. Thanks to today's surgical options, there's no reason to suffer from foot and ankle pain any longer.