How to Prepare for Foot and Ankle Surgery
By Foot & Ankle Institute
May 12, 2015
Category: Podiatry Services

Whether your foot and ankle surgery at Foot & Ankle Institute in West Houston is routine or complex, you will want to be well prepared. Not only will you need to ready yourself for the surgery, but you will need time to recover after the surgery as well. Here are a few ways to prepare.

1. Stop Smoking: If you smoke currently, now is a great time to stop. Smoking can increase your chances of complications, so quit well in Foot Surgeryadvance for best results.

2. Review Your Medications With Your Doctor: Before your surgery, be sure to speak to your doctor about all of the medications, supplements and herbal remedies you take as some may cause complications and unnecessary risks. Your doctor will advise you on alternatives, if necessary.

3. Make Arrangements With Work and Disability: People who undergo foot and ankle surgery generally require weeks or even months to recover before they are ready to easily get around West Houston again. Be sure to make arrangements with work and disability ahead of time for the least amount of disruption possible. Obtain a DMV temporary disabled parking placard if needed.

4. Shower: You will want to be very clean to reduce your chances of infection.

5. Fast Per Your Doctor's Directions: You probably will not be allowed to eat or drink anything prior to your surgery. Talk to your doctor to find out exactly when you need to stop eating and drinking.

6. Prepare Your House: Getting around your house will be difficult after surgery, so you will want everything to be as accessible as possible. Create a small command station for yourself with everything you need nearby so you won't have to get up any more than needed.

7. Stock Up on Meals: Standing up and cooking will be one of the last things you'll want to do after your surgery. Prepare in advance by cooking and freezing extra meals or by buying frozen meals you can heat up quickly and easily.

8. Bring in Help: No matter how much you prepare before your surgery, there will still be a number of things you'll need help with, including driving to your doctors appointments in West Houston. Line up a few local friends and family members who will be able to come over and help you out after your foot and ankle surgery. You'll be glad you did.

The more you can prepare for your upcoming foot and ankle surgery at Foot & Ankle Institute in West Houston, the better. These eight tips should get you off to a great start!

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