Flat Feet - Don't Let It Flat-line Your Foot Comfort
By Foot & Ankle Institute
June 10, 2014
Category: Podiatry Services
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heel pain west houston txYour health should be your first priority and that includes focusing on the status of your feet. Feet are just feet, right? No, that’s not true. Your feet are more than that. They are how you get around, and if your feet are unhealthy, this could cause problems for your daily mobility.

What Does It Mean to Have Flatfeet? 

Being flatfooted is when the inside of your foot settles flat on the floor, instead of being supported by an arch. It’s normal to see a baby or young child without arches, but that’s not the case with adults. If an adult has flatfeet that means his/her feet didn’t develop arches after childhood, or the arches have fallen flat due to wear and tear.

Are Flatfeet a Bad Thing?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people have flatfeet, but heel or arch pain may accompany it. Discomfort in the heel or arch, due to a flatfoot, can be agitating, which is why you need to find support.

Supportive Shoes Equal Happy Feet

Minor heel or arch pain can be remedied by a number of solutions:
  • Arch supports – orthotic devices may reduce symptoms caused by flatfeet.
  • Physical therapy – stretching the Achilles tendon may help with symptoms.
  • Comfortable, fitted shoes – supportive, well-fitted shoes are key to foot comfort. They lessen the shock between foot and floor.
Stretching and wearing new shoes won’t work the same for everyone. For that reason, people need to consult with a foot and ankle specialist to understand other treatment options.
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