Do You Need Foot and Ankle Surgery?
By Foot & Ankle Institute
September 26, 2019
Category: Podiatry

Foot and ankle pain can range from mild to debilitating, and the best course of treatment differs from person to person.

If aches and discomfort are severely affecting you, home remedies, rest, and pain relievers might not be enough. Dr. Asia Lo, Dr. Manish Patel, Dr. Dhvanil Thakor Dr. Samuel Mendicino at the Foot and Ankle Institute in West Houston can help you determine if surgery is the necessary solution for your foot and ankle pain.

What are the signs surgery may be necessary?

While surgery is not the preferred course of action -- a less invasive option means less recovery time, cost, and pain -- it is sometimes the only way to cure your foot and ankle pain.

Your need for foot and ankle surgery may be greater if you have severe difficulty walking, climbing stairs, or just standing up. Prior injuries to the area may also make it more difficult to recover without surgical intervention.

Persistent or consistently worsening pain, chronically achy, stiff, or swollen joints are also potential signs need surgery. Other signs include loss of mobility, pain so great you are unable to sleep, decreased flexibility in your foot or ankle or the inability to experience any relief from painkillers, rest, or temporary use of crutches or a walker or cane.

If you have developed bunions, hammertoes, or chronic blisters, foot surgery could also be a needed remedy. Bone spurs, arthritis, or nerve enlargements between your toes are also conditions that could require surgery.

What are the benefits of foot and ankle surgery?

By performing the surgical option right for your condition, whether a bunionectomy, arthroscopic ankle surgery, or other types of surgery, your West Houston doctor should be able to bring you relief as well as other positive changes, like correction of deformities, ease of walking, resumed ability to exercise and increased stability.

If your foot and ankle pain is keeping you from living your best, most active life, call your West Houston, TX foot and ankle provider at (281) 531-4100 today.