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With so many bones, connective tissues and moving parts, foot and ankle injuries can happen suddenly and have serious consequences. In some cases, your podiatrist may recommend foot or ankle surgery to correct the problem. Find out which injuries are solved with foot and ankle surgery with your doctor at Foot and Ankle Institute in Houston, TX.Foot and Ankle Surgery

What is a podiatrist? 
A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the foot and ankle. This specialization makes a podiatrist your best source for foot and ankle-related medical care. Podiatrists often further specialize in sports medicine, pediatric care, diabetic care and surgery. Podiatrists earn the title of DPM, or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

Common Injuries Solved with Foot and Ankle Surgery:

  • Chronic Ankle Instability: This condition usually occurs after one or more ankle sprains. The ligament or connective tissue in the ankle heals incorrectly and becomes loosened, causing instability in the ankle and its joint which often leads to further injury.
  • Bunions: Bunions are a bony growth located at the base of the big toe. This growth causes the big toe to grow toward the smaller toes, causing the toes to overlap and the foot to deform.
  • Achilles Tendon Rupture: Achilles tendon ruptures occur when the Achilles tendon ruptures. This condition usually occurs due to trauma to the tendon and requires surgery to correct it.
  • Fractures: Fractures occur due to trauma to the bone. A fracture may require ankle surgery to ensure the bones heal correctly.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Houston, TX

Foot and ankle examinations usually involve a physical examination and, if necessary, imaging techniques like MRIs or x-rays. These help your doctor see the bones, ligaments, muscles and other connective tissues inside of your foot and ankle to diagnose your injury. Some foot and ankle injuries simply require ample rest of the area in question to promote the body’s natural healing process. Injection therapy, physical therapy or even shockwave therapy may also help correct foot and ankle problems. However, some cases require foot and ankle surgery. Your podiatrist can help you determine if surgery is the best course of treatment for your injury.

For more information on foot and ankle surgery, please contact Dr. Samuel Mendicino, Dr. Asia Lo and Dr. Manish Patel at the Foot and Ankle Institute in Houston, TX. Call (281) 531-4100 or visit to schedule your foot and ankle examination today!